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Services Offered


    We handle all types of criminal matters throughout the Metro Atlanta. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony and whether you are charged in State or Federal Court, The Kelly Firm offers confident representation in defending you. The types of charges we defend against include theft, shoplifting, drugs, fraud, white collar crime, assault, battery, and all serious violent felonies including rape, armed robbery, child molestation, carjacking, and murder. We handle all phases of a criminal case including preliminary hearings, bond hearings, pre-trial motions, trial, probation violation hearings, and asset seizure and forfeiture.

  • DUI

    If you’ve been arrested for a DWI/DUI, it’s important to seek legal representation immediately. We are experienced in fighting DUI cases and through our rigorous and creative motions practice, we will aggressively and tenaciously defend your rights and protect your freedom.


    Sometimes even minor traffic violations can raise your insurance premiums and put you at risk of a suspended license. If you’ve received a citation for a traffic violation, contact us. We’ll be happy to look it over and make sure that everything is correct before you decide to pay – many times, an improperly completed ticket can be thrown out. We’ll also make sure that you are not placing your license in jeopardy.


    Whether you need a simple partnership agreement or want to negotiate a contract in the entertainment industry, we are here to serve you. Because each of these areas is so fact specific, we urge you to take advantage of our free initial consultation so that we can discuss the issues unique to your specific situation. We look forward to tailoring your contracts to your individual needs and ensuring that those you contract with deal fairly with you.